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Farewell Continental kicks off tour at The Beat


A few members of Farewell Continental and myself  photo by Jeyk Janish

Little is known about this local band mash up I recently went to a show for. Trying to keep a low profile with high profile band members, Farewell Continental Group of North America is comprised of many of Minneapolis' biggest bands. This includes band members from such groups as Trace the Skyline, Small Towns Burn a Little Slower and Motion City Soundtrack, who make up this jam sensation.

This Spring, Farewell Continental will be embarking on its second tour around the Midwest. The tour will span across five states in the Midwest, including Iowa and Michigan. They kicked off the tour right in their hometown of Minneapolis at The Beat Coffeehouse on April 1st. The show was opened by the band The Chord and The Fawn, who brought an acoustic set to a whole another level, including a combination of  a flute, xylophone, and ukulele.

This wasn't just simply a tour kick off, but it was also a record release party. The new record was not just any CD, because it wasn't a CD, it is actually a vinyl record. Plus, not only is the new record a vinyl but it's a square one. Apparently it's hip to be square again. The seven inch record packs 4 songs of pure enjoyment.

Along with the record release, Farewell Continental's first ever music video was premiered. The video was for their single "Do You Wanna Tangle". The video was shot in the dark woods of Wisconsin. Terror and shock were the first of many things to come to my mind when I first saw the video. Combining dark images with melodic sound, the experience of the video a strange but an oddly entertaining one.

Overall, Farewell Continental is one of the most refreshing bands I have seen in a long time. Their stage presence in front of a crowd was full of fowl language, odd movements and random antics really brought the band alive on stage. Putting aside all the quirkiness, their music is what really unites the band with each other and the audience. The laid back environment and casual stage presence, made it  really feel like it was jam session in the basement of your best friend's basement.  I really hope everybody gets the chance to experience such a wonderful unity presented through their riffs and beats.

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