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Far Left panics: Hurricane Sarah predicted in 2014

Just the thought of Sarah Palin being involved in the electoral process in 2014 makes activists on the far left panic. RINOs, who have lost so many primaries to candidates endorsed by the former Alaska governor, just hide in the corners of their bedrooms in fetal position, in sheer fear of seeing Sarah Palin the campaign trail again. Who can blame them. Palin has won ever campaign she has run in except the 2008 campaign in which she was the number two nominee on the ticket headed up by the colossal loser John McCain. Just about every Republican candidate, endorsed in a Republican primary by Palin, has won the nomination and a high percentage of them has defeated the Democrat nominee in November.

Hurricane Sarah predicted for the 2014 elections
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It's time for a mass panic fest by the far left, because this is a storm warning, and Hurricane Sarah will be striking more strongly than ever in a Republican primary near you soon. This year we expect to see more RINOs among Senators and House members challenged by conservative and TEA party supported candidates then ever, and Karl “RINO” Rove has raised the stakes earlier this year when he predicted in his email newsletter that all incumbents challenged “for being insufficiently conservative” will win their primary challenges.

While it's not surprising that establishment figures like Karl RINO disrespect the very base of conservatives and TEA party activist, without whom the GOP would definitely lose and would have lost in 2010, it will just serve as more motivation for the people to overturn the establishment, and toss a number of RINOs out of office in the primaries this year.

Rush Limbaugh has predicted this year will be a “wave election” even more than 2010 was, and he expects to see many Democrats lose their seats in November to Republican challengers. Boston-based talk show host Jeff Kuhner has also said this year will be a huge GOP election as voters, outraged at everything that has happened as well as the political suppression of the right in 2012, turn out in record numbers in 2014 and toss out many many Democrat incumbents.

It's going to happen, but don't count on it, the people will still have to make it happen. The people will have to turn out and vote and get anyone and everyone, who desire to take this country back from the odious progressive cancer that is attacking it now, to turn out and vote in 2014.

Remember when Perot used to speak of, “the owners of the country.” The far left needs this warning. It's a storm warning, Hurricane Sarah is coming back again, and the Owners of the Country are going to start the process of taking the country back from the far left. Anything and anyone associated with Barack Obama will be defeated, repudiated, and discredited in the 2014 election.

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