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Far left Obama bundler has ties to al-Qaeda

Running for president, Barack Obama sought the support of the anti-war activists on the far left who sought the immediate end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama himself pandered to those groups on the far left by pledging to end those wars and close down the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Now it we find out that some of those folks have financial and other ties to groups in alliance with al-Qaeda.

Obama bundler has al-Qaeda ties
The Gateway Pundit

Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reported that Obama bundler, and co-founder of the extreme far left anti-war group CodePink, Jodie Evans, also has ties to al-Qaeda. Evans has bundled large amounts of money for fund-raisers for Obama, someone of which appear to have come from terrorist sources.

“Obama bundler Jodie Evans and Code Pink, the leftist group she co-leads, have been found to be working with a group whose leaders have recently been declared terrorists and al Qaeda supporters by the Treasury Department,” Hoft reported for The Gateway Pundit.

Hoft detailed the ties in more detail, writing, “This most recent Code Pink tie to terrorists involves al Karama, a so-called human rights group. A report published this week by the Washington Free Beacon about Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) scheduling a meeting with a representative from the al Karama in November about the Obama administration’s use of armed drones to kill suspected terrorists prompted an examination by this writer of Code Pink’s alliance with al Karama.”

Several far left Democrat members of Congress are also tied to this, and have been involved with CodePink's terrorst-tied efforts in the past.

As reported in The Gateway Pundit, “Unreported by the Free Beacon was that the meeting was likely arranged by Code Pink, which has worked with Grayson in the past, and had hosted an anti-drone conference in Washington the previous weekend. Also unreported by the Free Beacon was Code Pink’s history of working with al Karama in Yemen. The Free Beacon report keys off a press release by Grayson that listed the anti-drone delegation that was to meet with him, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL). Most of the delegation that was listed on the press release was also listed as speakers at Code Pink’s anti-drone conference.”

The far left denies allegations from Conservatives that many Democrat politicians and their activist supporters are anti-American, but this news factually the documents the truth of these allegations. Accepting money and working directly for the agenda of America's enemies certainly does quality for being anti-American.

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