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Far Cry 4 director says players start in the hills, world same size as Far Cry 3

The enemy fort we were able to assault at E3.
The enemy fort we were able to assault at E3.
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

The tropical islands of Far Cry 3 were beautiful, there's no disputing that, but when you take a look at the larger picture, you realize that most of the game was spent in the same type of locale. With Far Cry 4 taking place in Nepal, Ubisoft has opened up an entire new world according to narrative director Mark Thompson.

"[Players] will start off in the foothills, [they] will be more in the forest, and then as you progress more through the world, you’ll climb higher, higher and higher," Thompson tells us.

"On Far Cry 3 one of the things we failed at was providing really different environments like you were either on the beach, in the ocean, or in a jungle. So the Himalayas was cool because you can get that transition [more effectively]," Thompson says. "Nepal itself goes from sea level to the highest mountain in the world in a tiny, tiny country, so we have that gradual progression."

Because of this, Ubisoft Montreal can differentiate each stage of the title's campaign.

"Our intention was that if you take a screenshot during hour one, five, ten, and then 35, the color palate, the architecture and the environment will look radically different."

Thompson admits, "If you did the same thing in Far Cry 3, it would be like beautiful beach, beautiful jungle, beautiful beach."

Overall though, Far Cry 4's Nepal will be about the same size as our last experience in the franchise.

"The overall footprint is pretty much the same size as Far Cry 3, we've just added more to it," he continues, inferring that the added verticality allows for each square foot of the land to be utilized.

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