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'Far Cry 4' continues to offer players the freedoms they desire

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Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

How do you choose to assault a heavily defended base?

Pagan Man, your main enemy in 'Far Cry 4.'
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

Stealthily infiltrate the compound, disabling all alarms, and then eliminating each guard? Descend from the air and rain down fire from above before descending in to eliminate the remaining forces? Or perhaps it's more your style to mount an elephant and charge head first through the front door.

Examiner got hands on with the title and got a chance to gain control of the complex for ourselves. Presented with the three options we chose the first and decided to at least attempt to gain control without anyone even being aware of our presence.

But first we had to gain entry to the walled off base. Utilizing our new grappling hook we scaled up a rock wall, effectively giving us the opportunity to do whatever we wanted next. First we got rid of one of the guards over the gates, deciding it was best if he wasn't able to catch a glance of us as we worked our way towards the rear of the garrison.

Jumping down off of our perch, we head forwards towards the typical gem markings on the map, signalling a crate that can be looted. Walking through an open door we're startled by an armed mechanic just getting out from under a car. He notices us and starts to react but we quickly plunge an arrow from our crossbow into his neck.

Nearby sits the crate that we are searching for, inside a couple of wedding photos. Okay. But we don't have much time to relax as nearby two soldiers are sparring each other right next to one of the alarms we so desperately need to disable, lest they signal for airborne reinforcements. We tread just close enough to destroy it with a single crossbow bolt but the ensuing noise alerts the guards to a possible enemy presence. They begin searching the immediate area but make the mistake of separating from each other. One ventures too close to us so we sink a spike into his abdomen. He doubles over and we quickly turn our attention to his partner who is standing in the alpine equivalent of an alleyway. We creep up behind him, slaying him with our knife.

We briefly rejoice in how well things are going, but it would be short lasted. Making our way forward we waltz up a staircase and on to a balcony, overlooking the houses below. Many enemies lie below, patrolling the village, continuing our conquest to clear the village undetected is going to be difficult.

Yet again we destroy what we thought was the last alarm station with a bolt from the crossbow. Those nearby begin a search yet again, but this time we're not as lucky. An unforeseen foe stumbles upon us and utters a few words before we manage to stop his alerting. The rest of his crew start running to ring the bell, luckily for us there's a nearby grenade launcher. We pick it up and roughly aim towards the group before pulling the trigger and sending the bodies flying.

One of the others manages to get to the alarm and we know we won't have long before the place is crawling with even more of them. Picking up an assault rifle off of one of the fallen, we entrench ourselves in a back alley between one of the houses and the compound's walls. Foes come from both ways, a truck rolls in the front door. Back and forth, back and forth our focus goes as bodies begin to pile up. But when a helicopter arrives and starts laying down gunfire we're forced to make a run for it. We don't get far before our attempts to heal fail and our hero plunges to the floor and the game prompts us to yet again choose how we're going to try to win the battle.

This time around, let's try a rampaging elephant, shall we?

Our time with Far Cry 4 was brief but it's clear that Ubisoft has remained on top of their game. With beautiful environments and the usual freedom of approach, we can't wait to not only experience more, but finally dig into the story of our antagonist, the Pagan Man.

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