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‘Far Cry 4’ bad guy: Pagan Min is a ‘peacock’ with ‘daddy issues,’ says director

Pagan Min
Pagan Min
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission.

The flamboyant appearance of Far Cry 4's villain was a hot topic when he was first revealed prior to E3. Fans of the last installment in the franchise fell in love with Vaas Montenegro largely because of his violent and unpredictable nature. So hopes were high when Ubisoft suddenly announced this year's sequel.

Pagan Min, not to be confused with Pagan Man perhaps, stands as yet another content goldmine for players. Just like his predecessor, Min appears to again have that charm, that sparks curiosity in those ready to give back into another world created by Ubisoft Montreal.

At E3, we had the chance to sit down and speak with narrative director Mark Thompson about our new antagonist. Specifically if his sexuality would come into play at all.

Thompson quickly put that possibility to bed, "It’s not really important. He is heterosexual, but he doesn't use his sexuality as a strength or a weakness."

"He’s just Pagan Min, he’s crazy, eccentric, audacious and he’s really a peacock. The way he dresses, he has daddy issues as a reaction to his father," Thompson tells us.

"His father was very formal and very overbearing. Pagan was a bit of an embarrassment, so the way he dresses is he use for rebellion [against his father]." So this is how the antagonist we see came into existence, "As he grew up, he embraced it more and more and created this persona that he has."

"No one can stop him so he does what he wants to do."

Now our only question is as to how we come into play. The E3 trailer showed that he actually had a positive reaction to your presence, as if he was expecting you.

We can't wait to find out more.

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