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Fantasy Football Playoffs 2013 Update - Week 17 Picks - Top 30 wide receivers

Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is the No. 1 wide receiver in fantasy football.
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Since some fantasy football leagues use week 16 and 17 results to determine the league champion, it is important that you have the best set of wide receivers for the 2nd half of the championship game. Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is at the top of the list of the 30 best wide receivers to start the final weekend of the NFL regular season.

Johnson, who has been nursing nagging injuries all season long, is acknowledged as the most talented wide receiver in the NFL. Sports Illustrated has put him on the cover of their December 30th issue under the title “The Gifts That Kept On Giving” for 2013.

His Detroit Lion teammates gave him in the nickname “Megatron” and his college teammates at Georgia Tech called him “Neo” after the lead character in “The Matrix” films. Megatron, Neo or Calvin is a true contortionist on the football team. His leaping ability and deceptive speed make him a cover cornerback’s greatest nightmare.

After Sunday’s game against the Vikings, Johnson will have accumulated over 5,000 receiving yards in three seasons. If the Lions ever correct their serious problem with turnovers and improve their defense, we may get to see Megatron/Neo show his superior skills in a playoff game.

Right behind Johnson and closing fast are Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon of the Browns. There is a three-point difference between the top three wide receivers in fantasy football.

It is also interesting that the Steelers close the season against Cleveland this Sunday. Current projections have Brown outscoring Gordon by a point in the game.

Eight of the top 10 wide receivers are on the rise in fantasy football. For example, Andre Johnson of the Texans moved up from No. 6 in week 16 to No. 2 this week and is expected to score 18.5 points against the Tennessee Titans.

Some of the wide receivers who fell off the list are Torrey Smith of Baltimore, the Patriots’ Danny Amendola, Andre Caldwell of the Broncos and Atlanta’s Harry Douglas.

The top 30 list provided by the Michigan Gnome and me gives you the player's name and NFL team, projected fantasy football production in week 17 and whether the wide receiver has been "rising", "on par" or "falling" in the last four games.

  1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions (20 fantasy football points, on par)
  2. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans (18.5, rising)
  3. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers (17.5, rising)
  4. Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins (17, rising)
  5. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots (17, rising)
  6. Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns (16.5, rising)
  7. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys (16.5, on par)
  8. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos (16, rising)
  9. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears (16, rising)
  10. Eric Decker, Denver Broncos (16, rising)
  11. A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals (15.5, falling)
  12. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles (14.5, rising)
  13. Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears (14.5, rising)
  14. Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints (14, rising)
  15. Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers (14, rising)
  16. Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons (13.5, rising)
  17. Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings (13.5, rising)
  18. Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers (13.5, rising)
  19. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals (12.5, rising)
  20. Jacoby Jones, Baltimore Ravens (12, rising)
  21. Mike Wallace, Miami Dolphins (11.5, on par)
  22. Anquan Boldin, San Francisco 49ers (11.5, rising)
  23. Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins (11.5, on par)
  24. Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers (11, rising)
  25. Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11, falling)
  26. Greg Jennings, Minnesota Vikings (11, rising)
  27. T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts (11, rising)
  28. Kendall Wright, Tennessee Titans (11, rising)
  29. Ted Ginn Jr., Carolina Panthers (10.5, rising)
  30. Griff Whalen, Indianapolis Colts (10.5, rising)

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