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Fantastic in the twilight, moon gardens

Many gardeners work during the day, so evenings are a perfect time to relax on the deck, chat with your spouse and children, greet neighbors and entertain family. However, as the sun goes down, it becomes harder to see the blue, purple and red flowers of your garden.

White lilacs are perfect for fragrance, height and color.
White lilacs are perfect for fragrance, height and color.
Connie Glasheen
Nicotiana is fragrant especially in the evening and at night.
Connie Glasheen

Perhaps a moon garden is in order. A moon garden is a garden planted with white flowers, variegated foliages and plants with silvery grey leaves. In the twilight these plants seem to take on a glow. When it is full moon, it is nothing short of extraordinary, and quite often these flowers have a delightful fragrance i n order to attract night pollinators.

Here are some tips in designing a moon garden.

  • Definitely consider a moon garden to be near a patio or deck, so you can enjoy the scents, the effect of moonlight on the flowers and foliage, and provide a place to relax with friends and family.
  • It can be as large or small as you wish, but the more plants you position together, the more impressive the display will be.
  • You can plant directly in the ground or make a container display.
  • Select flowers that are all white, creamy colored or have a white portion in the bloom or leaves. The light will bounce off the white and make a spectacular show.
  • White isn’t your only option, mix in a few with silver leaves.
  • Make sure to choose different plants that grow in different heights and plant closely together, selecting both ground covers and taller stem lengths.
  • Choose blooms in all sizes, even very tiny ones as they can look shimmering at night, and consider shapes such as vertical, bushy, mounded, trailing for interest.
  • Consider adding those that grow on a trellis or scramble through shrubs such as moonflower or a white clematis.
  • Add a small water feature tucked inside your garden, the water looks beautiful at night surrounded by plant life. The peaceful sound of trickling water adds a perfect way to enjoy the evening.

Here is a list of white and cream colored flowers, and plants that have variegated or silvery leaves.

Angel’s Trumpet
White Impatiens
Variegated plants
Dusty Miller
Silver Sage
White Nicotiana
Sweet William
Evening Campion
Citron daylily
Lemon lily
Evening Primrose
Night blooming tropical water lilies
Four o’clock
White gaura
Evening stock
Oriental lilies
Lambs ear
Variegated ornamental grasses

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