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Fantastic Sex: The Secret to Weight Loss and Happiness in Your Relationship

?Believe it or not, the secret is out... sex can lead to weight loss. Not just any sex. I’m talking about fantastic sex, the kind of sex that happens spontaneously, frequently and intensely. I’m talking about aerobic exercise in bed with your partner.

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Denise Mann writes about the subject in her article on WebMD, “Get Sexual for Ultimate Weight Loss.” According to her, bedroom Olympics may be the key to fitness and weight loss.

The article reveals that many newly engaged women drop weight without even trying. The immediate thought is that the stress and anxiety of planning the wedding is the cause of this. But New York City-based model and actress Kerry McCloskey said she lost 23 pounds in the six months after she got engaged, and it wasn't from stress. It was from sex -- and lots of it!

McCloskey is the author of a new book called The Ultimate Sex Diet. "I felt better immediately," she said in the article by Mann, "because sex is a mood enhancer; the more you have it, the more endorphins that are released." Endorphins are the brain's feel-good chemicals.

When she saw the effects that increased sex had on her body, McCloskey did more research on the subject, which led to her book.

But don’t just take McCloskey’s word for it. “No doubt about it, sex is good exercise," reported Laura Berman in the article. Berman is a PhD, LCSW, and a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago, and also director of the Berman Center. "It gets your heart rate up even if you are not having extremely acrobatic sex," she added.

By using different positions, sex is a good form of exercise. Berman said, "If you move around a little bit and flex your muscles, it can be very good."

Recent research shows that exercise in short bursts over the course of the day can be as effective as 30 to 40 minutes consecutively. Sex is also a form of exercise most people find pleasant and not boring.

"Getting to the point where you are highly aroused and reaching orgasm can be good cardiovascular activity," said Berman. "That's why we tell people in poor cardiovascular health to avoid sex."

Andrew Kryzak wrote an article for Lifestyle on “How Your Emotions Affect Weight Loss.” He says, “Many people entirely overlook the role emotions play in both weight loss and weight gain. They think it's all about calorie counting and exercise. And while this is true to a certain extent, your emotions can play a pivotal role in how quickly you shed pounds and in your overall weight loss success.”

He contends that people who try hard and can’t seem to shed weight may be experiencing negative emotions. He refers to emotions that feel bad, such as depression, fear and apathy. Positive emotions can be a great asset to weight loss.

So how do negative emotions prevent weight loss? Kryzak lists two primary ways:

The first is obvious. When someone feels terrible, like there's no way out of their condition and all is hopeless, what do they tend to do? They look for an escape: food.

Their emotions tell them that there's no point in trying and that they should at least enjoy themselves. Unfortunately for them, this didn't get rid of their desire to be thin and only caused more emotional pain in the long run.

Negative emotions can lead to weight loss failure because of the effect on the actual functioning of the body. Emotions have the power to drastically impact every part of your body, says Kryzak. When people become very depressed, for example, their metabolism responds by slowing down almost to a standstill. The same thing is true of many other negative emotions. They slow the metabolism and throw the body out of balance. This leads directly to weight loss failure and ill health.

A good practice to neutralize negative emotions, according to Kryzak, is to work on becoming highly aware of them when they appear. He suggests that the next time you feel a familiar negative emotion rearing its
head, take full stock of what you get for allowing it to hang around. “You'll quickly see it's not in alignment with your goals and you'll gain the power to drop it.

“When your negative emotions are gotten rid of, only positive, beneficial emotions remain. These
help you to lose weight rapidly and improve your health in every way.”

My own experience with negative emotions seems to have produced the opposite effect of what Kryzak is talking about in his article. Since the onset of my new relationship with my partner, I steadily lost weight. When we met, I was 130 pounds and now, after six months, I am down to 105!

Yes, I admit, there were some negative emotions that came into play in the beginning. I experienced such things as fear of rejection, insecurity, feeling unbalanced and uncertain whether the relationship was going to last. However, I continued to lose weight. So what gives?

CalorieLab has an article, “Sex diet promises weight loss to the frisky.”

Here we have Kerry McCloskey again, talking about her aerobic half-hour-long romps in the sheets with her husband.

According to the article, using CalorieLab figures, a 150-pound person who has 30 minutes of sex seven days per week, comprising 10 minutes each of light, moderate and vigorous sexual activity, will burn 9 calories per day. Over a year this level of activity will allow you to lose almost a pound.

Well, that certainly doesn’t sound like a lot in my book.

“Aerobically, a half-hour romp in the sheets burns approximately 150–200 calories and sometimes even 350 calories if you are really frisky,” says McCloskey. “This is roughly the equivalent of briskly walking, running, or lifting weights for 30 minutes,” she says. “My husband and I have sex about eight times per week. You do the math.”

So how can you lose weight by having sex?

An EHow contributor wrote five steps of instructions. It is claimed that a half an hour of sex can burn at least 150 calories. While losing weight can be frustrating for those who live busy lifestyles, sex is a pleasurable activity. Therein lies the popularity of the sex diet.


Step 1

Explain to your partner the desire to lose weight with sex. The sex diet requires cooperation to get the best results. Discuss the plan in full detail, including the benefit of having a more enjoyable sex life.

Step 2

Buy "The Ultimate Sex Diet" online or in stores. Read the book to understand the processes discussed.

Step 3

Enjoy sex with food. Share meals with your partner to make the experience more romantic. Set the mood with candles and feed each other erotic foods acceptable under guidelines of the diet.

Step 4

Exercise outside the bedroom. Increase stamina and flexibility to assist with making love sessions last longer. Start warm-up exercises together to get in the mood.

Step 5

Have sex. Use the book for guidance to find simple exercise moves that can be done while having sex. Focus on making the sessions last as long as possible and exerting a lot of energy.

Back to the reason for my weight loss. It had to be the sex! For a couple of seniors, I confess that we do enjoy frequent, vigorous sex. It takes time to develop a fulfilling, satisfying relationship, not just sexually but also in getting to understand and know the other person. Happiness and fulfillment are ingredients that contribute to the benefit of any significant relationship.

I feel truly blessed in what has occurred over the last six months, and have every reason to believe that things will just get better and better. I am also a firm believer in the idea that good sex is not just for young people. When the chemistry is right, it’s right.

So if you want to lose weight and you’re in a relationship, GO FOR IT. If you’re not in a relationship, then I’m afraid you’ll just have to go on a regular diet. You can start by eliminating sugar in your diet. When I found my new man, I lost interest in desserts and sugar. I had found something that surpassed all of that... and continues to do so with each passing day.

View the video, “The Ultimate Sex Diet” with Kerry McCloskey.


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