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'Fantastic Four' casting news and the possibility of a female Doctor Doom

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According to Entertainment Weekly on Feb. 5, 20th Century Fox has been eagerly seeking and going through auditioning processes for Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot. It's been speculated that Michael B. Jordan would be playing the Human Torch, but the decision for other characters of the film are yet to be determined. Even though the studios have been contacted for information on other actors being in the movie, they have refused to comment.

The Hollywood Reporter had its thoughts on who would be most appropriate for certain roles. It can only be speculated who would be the right fit for each character. At this point, considering each characters personalities and traits, Reed Richards' intellect and deductive reasoning skills could be attributed to actor Benedict Cumberbatch or more the more age appropriate Oscar Isaac.

Other thoughts for The Invisible Woman's role could be best played by Emmy Rossum and Kate Mara as contenders. Following that, for The Thing, a combination of UFC fighter Brock Lesnar wearing a performance capture suit followed up by a voice over actor, "Futurama's" John DiMaggio.

Finally, the studios had been considering a "gender swap" for the Doctor Doom character, the main antagonist born to gypsies in the country of Latveria. An egomaniac-like personality with a strong vocation in sorcery, there would have to be a certain female actress that could indeed pull off. The eyes and voice that could match the personality of Doom's would have to be unequivocal to the part and with the upcoming "300: Rise of an Empire" film as well as the "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" sequel, it's no surprise that Eva Green has such stunning similarities that are "femme fatale" in nature.