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Fantasm--CopperCon is back to its roots

CopperCon AKA FANtasm –a Convetion of Sci-Fi and Fantasy was held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Avondale August 22-24, 2014. FANtasm is a crossroads in the world of traditional Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions. Both the internet and especially social media has changed the landscape of conventions in a new way. FANtasm is back at its roots—an old-style convention with a much more intimate and targeted experience.

Casey Kaki does a makeup demo
Photo by Debe Branning
CopperCon is back to its roots
Courtesy of CopperCon

FANtasm was right on target with a Charity Auction to benefit Children First Academy. There was also a Film Festival and Gaming, a variety of subjects in the programming department. There were several local authors who were anxious to discuss their new books and offered many publishing tips. And for those who love crafting, there were lots of hands on Steampunk costuming workshops.

Several guests marveled over watching short clips from Star Trek Fan Films that have been produced from the late 1960’s up to some new film Star Trek projects in the works. Dr. Dave Williams presented panels on more science based topics such as asteroids, exoplanets and exploring the solo system which ended with a star watching party later that evening in the parking lot of the hotel.

Paranormal investigator, Debe Branning, presented a power point program highlighting haunted locations she and friends had traveled to in the past five years. She focused on ways writers of fantasy and horror can use places of legends and lore to add to a story-line. She stressed it is very important to take pictures—lots of pictures—as one travels and use the photos and your memory to help with descriptive passages in your books.

One of the more fascinating panels was a special effects makeup demonstration. Casey Kaki explained how to become certified in SPFX, secrets behind building a cosplay label and makeup company, and special SPFX techniques that one does not learn in school. In one hour she had created a beautiful—but frightful makeup costume by using everyday beauty and household supplies.

Old friends were reunited and new friends were made throughout this tradition sci-fi convention. As they say at closing, Live Long and Prosper!

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