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Fantasia wraps up in a major way

There are constant debates as to what constitutes a great film.  There are infinite amounts of "best of" lists, and "top movies of all time", but while people can't always agree on what should be deemed the best, there are always a few films who constantly reach the top, it is virtually impossible to find people who will disagree with those choices: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Citizen Kane, Apocalypse Now.  One of these films is Fritz Lang's  Metropolis (1927)

Metropolis 1927
The Invisible Agent

One thing that should be said about a film as old as Metropolis.  Film restoration has come a very long way, with companies such as Kino and Criterion and people such as Martin Scorsese, making immense leaps and bounds in the field.  A movie like Metropolis has gone through so much plastic surgery and so many versions, that it is starting to become unrecognizable.  The Blade Runner of the silent era. 

One thing that should be said about the silent era: the music is key to your enjoyment.  Fantasia, for its closing night, has gone to great lengths to bring you the ultimate cinematic experience.  Through studies and research, experts have concluded that they have finally completely restored Fritz Lang's masterpiece of sci-fi to its original intended version, with over 25 minutes of added footage.  This is the version that hasn't been seen for over 80 years.  Kino International proudly presents this complete 147 minute silent gem, and to celebrate, it will be presented tonight at Place-Des-Arts, on the big screen, and a live 13 piece orchestra accompanying it with a new score by Gabriel Thibaudeau, the world famous silent-film-score composer. 

What can be said about the movie that almost single-handedly invented the modern science-fiction and fantasy film?  It is integral in the history of cinema, and has shocked and awed audiences since 1927.  This amazing opportunity clearly makes this year Fantasia's best, and we can only hope for more next time. 


  • Gabrielle 5 years ago

    With tonight's event, Fantasia has reached a new high. I cannot wait for the opportunity to see Metropolis on the big screen with a (small) orchestra. The fact that this newly-discovered version aired at the Berlin Film Festival only last year just goes to show how exceptional an event this is.

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