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Fantabulous finds!

Be delightfully thrifty, with these great finds!
Be delightfully thrifty, with these great finds!

This will be the first installment in an ongoing category called "Fantabulous Finds."  Of course, it is always a priority to look your best, but it is also smart to stay on budget.  Lucky for us, there are quite a few retailers now who can keep us looking runway fabulous, but save us from the couture price tag. 

My curiosity finally got the best of me, and I headed out to Kohl's today to check out Lauren Conrad's "LC Lauren Conrad" clothing line.  I must say, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. 

Lets go with the bad news first.  The most disappointing part of her line was the denim.  Discount denim is awfully hard to master, and though she gives a valiant effort, it falls a bit short.  Conrad offers 3 cuts, skinny, pencil and boyfriend.  The best fitting was the skinny, followed by the pencil and boyfriend.  The boyfriend jean was a bit too lowcut and the attempt at the "distressed look" was not successful.  But at $54.99, you would be better off heading to Forever 21 to pick up a pair of their skinny jeans, which look much like J Brand.  Ms. Conrad also has a boyfriend blazer with this line, and the fabric is low quality and the fit a bit boxy.  A blazer should definitely be an investment piece, so it is not prone to fading, pilling or shrinking. 

On to the good news!  Her tops were fun, figure flattering and delightfully billowy.  True to her "laid-back" Cali style, she keeps a soft color palette, so you're sure to find something to flatter.  My personal favorites were the Dolman sleeve cardigans and the camisoles.  A great, lightweight camisole is often hard to find, and at $10.00, this one is a keeper. 

She also has some decent dresses included in the collection, but I would only recommend her basics: tunic tops, billowy blouses, soft camisoles and great fitting cardigans. And best of all, your wallet won't be needing CPR.  So overall, pretty nice job Ms. Conrad!



  • Rebekah - Milwaukee Fashion Examiner 5 years ago

    I checked out her line recently, too. I agree with you about the tops--I almost bought the sequin one. I may have to go back for a couple of them now that they're on sale. The boyfriend blazer seemed kind of short on me, too, but that may be just because I'm 5'10".

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