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World Cup brings Brazil and Mexico fans to San Rafael

Hundreds of fans packed a a pizza restaurant in San Rafael to watch the Brazil v. Mexico FIFA World Cup game.
Hundreds of fans packed a a pizza restaurant in San Rafael to watch the Brazil v. Mexico FIFA World Cup game.
- by Rem O'Donnelley

A few hundred people packed into Pizza Orgasmica and Brewing Company in downtown San Rafael to watch the Tuesday afternoon Brazil vs. Mexico FIFA World Cup match.

Most of the crowd in the Brazilian pizzeria and brewpub watching the host team's first game on Thursday were wearing the yellow and green team shirt of Brazil.

For today's match the jerseys were divided with around 70 percent Brazil colors and 30 percent in the green and white Mexico shirts.

Watching the game were many people of Brazilian heritage plus plenty of Mexican-Americans. One man drove over 60 miles from San Jose after his Brazilian wife said that she wanted to see the game in San Rafael.

David Roualbes of San Rafael came to watch the game with his step-mother who is Mexican. He was supporting Brazil and the USA. He said if the US won the World Cup, “I think it would be great for the country and great for bringing soccer more into the limelight. I think it's the greatest sport.”

Eating a pizza and wearing a Mexico jersey was Irene Ruano. While her father is from Mexico, she was rooting for Brazil. She explained both countries are her two top teams.

“Both teams (chances) are pretty high. They're very good teams. Brazil is very physically prepared and so is Mexico. I think it's a 50-50 chance or they could end up tied.”

At halftime with the score at 0-0 Saul Deluna from Mexico talked about the chances of his home team winning. “I wish, but I don't think it's going to happen. They've been playing awesome, even if they lose but they keep playing like that, I'm happy.”

Among the fans who were all wearing the same color team shirts at many tables were a husband and wife who had different team shirts on.

Supporting his home country by wearing a Brazil team shirt was Richardson Vilefort. When asked if his team would be victorious he said, “we're gonna win baby,”

His wife, Yolanda Vilefort was born in Mexico and was wearing a Mexico team shirt. She was optimistic about the team's chances. “Mexico is going to dominate one hundred percent.”

Asked if the couple had made a bet and the loser had to do anything she said, “Yes, but I'm not allowed to say what it is.”

After the end of the game the score remained 0 – 0. There weren't any disappointed faces in the pizza place. Richardson Vilefort seemed complacent with the tie. “We did good. The Mexico goalie did a hell of a good job but we did a good job.”

His wife Yolanda was pleased with the score. “In my heart, Mexico won, we did an awesome job.”

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