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Fans turn to Twitter to boost 'Dominion' ratings


For years now Twitter has been widely utilized by people to connect with their favorite celebrities. It has also become a tool for the entertainment biz to promote projects. Hashtags have become important with trending a certain topic.

Fans of Dominion are desperate for a second season, even though the show is only three episodes in to the first (yes, it is that addicting). For the past three weeks fans have taken to Twitter while the show airs, tweeting at each other, and enjoying the live tweeting with many of the show's cast. Tom Wisdom, Chris Egan, Carl Beukes, Roxanne McKee, Shivani Ghai, Anthony Stewart Head, Amy Bailey, and creator Vaun Wilmott are among the cast that jumps in to the live tweeting. They answer questions and get to know their fan base, replying to as many fans as quickly as their fingers will allow!

The show, which takes place twenty-five years after the war against the angels, has a solid plot and certainly deserves the story to continue on beyond nine episodes. Here is what can help that be achieved (courtesy of The Dominion Den):

  • Log on to Twitter on Thursday evening.
  • Three hours before the show airs, the hour during, and three hours after is when it all counts. Be sure to tweet and use hashtag #Dominion.
  • Do not use multiple hashtags - that can become confusing. Just stick to #Dominion.
  • Do not begin your tweet with @username - if anything, you can put a period in front so that it is no longer considered just a mention to someone and becomes a public tweet.
  • If your account is set to private, it won't count since no one outside your inner circle can see the tweets.

So there you have it! Help the show gain the green light for a second season and continue to watch our favorite angels and humans grace our television screens every Thursday night! Dominion is on the SyFy channel Thursdays at 9/8c.

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