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Fans to host 3D documentary 'Under the Electric Sky' screenings

Insomniac, Focus Features, and Tugg has announced today, that theatrical showings of the movie "Under the Electric Sky," a 3D documentary based on Electric Daisy Carnival, will be available starting on May 29 with crowdsourced screenings.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas
Insomniac Events

Staying in theme with the Insomniac and Electric Daisy Carnivals theme of being for the people and by the people, theatrical crowdsourcing company, Tugg, will allow the fans of EDC and dance music the first opportunity to view the film.

Here’s how you can request and host screenings locally:

(1) Fill out the Event Request Form via and choose a theater, date, and time.
(2) After theater approval, the Promoter’s Event Page can begin reserving tickets.
(3) The Event Promoter and attendees share the event and confirm the screening by selling enough tickets before the deadline.
(4) Enjoy the show!

“I’m really proud of how Under the Electric Sky turned out because it truly captures the amazing spirit of Electric Daisy Carnival,” said Mr. Rotella. “If you can’t make it to EDC, this will be the next best thing to being there. Anyone who has ever been misunderstood or has looked for a place where they belong should see this movie.”

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