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Fans still waiting for Van Halen news

Eddie Van Halen's wife, Janie, gave some fans a quick scare when she posted on Twitter: “Thank you to @TheBridgeFX for having us on set today. Arrested by Mexican police and escorted to jail.” with a couple of pictures of the couple in handcuffs and in a Mexican jail.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 20: David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen perform on stage during 2013 STONE Music Festival at ANZ Stadium on April 20, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.
Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

If that had been true, it might explain the lack of activity from Van Halen lately. “There's no further details regarding the visit [to the set of “The Bridge”], so it's unknown if Eddie may have a guest appearance coming up on the program, or if actress and stuntwoman Janie is actively involved in the production, or if either or both simply have friends involved in the series,” noted

Meanwhile, singer David Lee Roth has been experimenting with different types of music, recently putting out a video on YouTube of his collaboration with the Kabuki Orchestra, “The Oo-oka River Blues”, an acoustic blues piece recorded at Onkio Haus in Tokyo. “Roth can be seen playing slide on his acoustic guitar while sitting on the floor of Onkio Haus studios, interspersed with footage of the rocker performing some of his martial arts moves,” as described by

Over at the Van Halen News Desk, a new round of previously unreleased tracks from the soundtrack of the movie “The Wild Life” (1984) are being posted. Eddie Van Halen wrote and performed (guitar and electronic drum machine) all of the music. On June 27, the VHND released a song they call “Peeping Tom,” described as: “The director wanted this short piece of music to be used when Eileen was undressing in her bedroom while Tom spied on her from her bedroom window.”

This past Friday, a keyboard track – “Fashion Dynasty” – from the score was posted. “The director wanted this background music to be used during the scene at the Fashion Dynasty store in the mall,” according to the VHND.

More exclusives from “The Wild Life” are promised: “The Van Halen News Desk will be releasing all of Ed’s music from 'The Wild Life' film score throughout the coming weeks... These are the full, raw tracks that Eddie recorded, before they were edited for use in the movie. These complete tracks have never been heard anywhere before!”

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