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Fans speculate what the future Tomb Raider game might look like

Lara Croft fanart
Lara Croft fanart
By wert23

With new information regarding the next Tomb Raider installment said to be released practically any minute now, fans of the series have used their creative talents to create images of what they expect we might possibly see in the next game. Rumors of a more realistic, open world Tomb Raider game have spread rapidly since the leaked concept images were surfaced last year. This leaves fans of the series curious and anxious to see what the future of Tomb Raider really holds. Please view the slideshow to the left of this article for some of these fan images. Time will tell, very shortly, how accurate these fan concepts really are.


  • falling for you... 4 years ago

    you look pretty sweet Melonie !

  • Profile picture of Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 4 years ago

    Lara Croft art never gets old.

  • DrGroove 4 years ago

    If it gets back to the basics of The Tomb Raider games of old, I will be more inclined to try. ...Haven't played a Tomb Raider Game since TR2 on the PS.

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