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Fans prepare for 'Dominion' season finale

Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael
Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael

Since Dominion premiered on SyFy this past June, the fan count has been rapidly growing with each episode. What's even better, is that the cast live tweets with everyone during the east and west coast airings. The fans are passionate, fun, and eager to see a second season of Dominion.

Dominion season finale party
N.M. Lombardi

You have the Team Michael (Tom Wisdom) fans, who adore their favorite archangel. You also have Team Gabriel (Carl Beukes) fans, who love their bad boy archangel that has a love for pudding. The entire cast is amazing and so gracious toward the fans that tune in to watch them every week. To add fuel to the fire, William Shatner even live tweets along with us.

This Thursday is the season finale (and we're praying it isn't the series finale), which is a 90-minute episode. The fans are asking everyone to watch live and tweet one last time. Even if you just tweet once using the hashtag #Dominion, it still counts! One fan in particular, Natalia Q., has been amazing in putting together campaigns, starting the Facebook group SyFy Dominion's Angels, and encourages everyone to aid in giving Dominion great ratings each week. There are so many other fans who have contributed their time and enthusiasm that there are too many to list!

Here is the final protocol for this Thursday night:

  • Watch LIVE!
  • Tweet while watching.
  • Post your Dominion party pics!
  • Use only the #Dominion hashtag in your tweets, no more than that.
  • If you @ reply to someone, put a period in front of it (example: .@MrTomWisdom) so that the tweet will be counted.
  • Have fun and say hi to the cast and fellow fans!

Tweet with the cast:

9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST

9:00pm PST (with special guest William Shatner)

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