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Fans owe David Wright a trip to the All-Star Game


AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek: Wright has had an exceptional 2010.

I’ve never been an All-Star Game shill, and find the entire concept to be a confliction of importance and campy absurdity. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t only permeate baseball. Take the NBA. Guys like Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson were leading vote getters despite the fact that they did not even deserve to be on the ballot, let alone make the team. We all know that Yao Ming can retire tomorrow yet he’ll win a spot as a write-in candidate due to his strong Chinese support.

Now, the outrage (I use that term with much hyperbole) transfers to the baseball season, as the all star baton is wont to do on an annual basis. Let’s compare the following two players:

Player A
.303 avg, 14 HR, 61 RBI, 43 runs, 13 SB

Player B
.318, 5, 27, 39, 3

These two players play the same position, in the same league. Should be an easy vote, right? Player A in a landslide, right? Incorrect.

Player A is David Wright, and Player B is Plácido Polanco. It’s odd, really, since the All-Star Game is usually riddled by the “stars,” while the lesser-knowns are left in the dust, even if they have superior numbers. This is not the case here. This is simply a combination of fans who simply don’t like Wright, plus fans who vote for the team that has recently been on top (Polanco’s Phillies) and you have a ridiculous vote on your hands.

Mets fans have finally started to wake up to this issue recently, but it may be too late. As of last week, Wright trailed Polanco by more than 100,000 votes. He has since cut that deficit to less than 50,000. However, voting ends Thursday, and even Mr. Met himself can’t log on enough times to get Wright to Anaheim (as a starter at least). It’s unfortunate for many reasons, with the most important being that Wright deserves the recognition. He’s been the face of the Mets, for better or worse, and I’m simply one of many who feel that Wright would never be able to lead this franchise to a championship. While the Wright doubters may be correct with that assumption, he has rebounded beautifully from a dreadful 2009 campaign. He deserves a ton of credit for leading the Mets to a (so far) successful season, and he deserves even more credit for looking the immense amount of criticism and adversity in the eye and not blinking, just like a true New York superstar should.

Voting for David Wright this year doesn’t make you a homer as a Mets fan, nor does it make you an incompetent baseball fan simply for voting based on name recognition (like those fans voting for Mark Teixeira right now). It simply makes you (w)right.

Vote for Wright here.

~Mark Rawden

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