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Fans of The Young and the Restless Want What They Want

The Young and the Restless
The Young and the Restless
The Young and the Restless; CBS

The Young and the Restless has been on television since 1973, a whole six years prior to the birth of me. I began watching it when I was six years old, along with my stepmother. At such a young age, I was far too young to understand the storylines, however, I will never forget how I felt when I watched each episode. Being a creative child, to put it mildly, my imagination would run wild.

My parents became Victor and Nikki Newman. I grew up as Victoria's, and later Nicholas', sister. Cricket and Nina were the older girls I looked up to. And then there was Danny, Cricket's boyfriend. I dreamed that one day I would have a boyfriend just like Danny. I would be like Cricket. I cried when Victoria drowned in the pool. I cried when Cricket's mom died. I loved Sheila because she was pretty and I never understood she was evil. But the one episode I could never forget was Danny and Cricket dancing to "Lady In Red". Every time I ever heard that song, that was the one image that flashed in my mind.

Over the years, we have seen actors and actresses come and go. Sure we have the staples, Victor, Nikki, Victoria, Nicholas, Jack, Ashley, Katherine, Jill, Paul and Nina, but Danny and Cricket (or now Christine), have faded in and out over the years. They come into town, oddly at the same time, usually during a crisis, yet they both leave again, apparently separately. And all those times they come into town, fans beg the writers to keep them in Genoa. And it never works out. They both roll out of town just as fast as they had arrived.

Well, October 12th, 2012, marked a new beginning. That was the day Josh Griffith rolled out his new material, taking over from the previous writers. The cast of The Young and the Restless took to Twitter and promised that the new writing is going to be exciting and dramatic and wonderful and like nothing we've seen before. The cast is very fan friendly, exchanging tweets and bonding with their fans. They have stepped up their game off the screen, ensuring we fans are as excited to watch as they are to perform. And just a couple of episodes into the new writing, I must say, I am impressed. But the fans are still begging ...

Twitter is full of posts to bring back Danny & Cricket. Although Lauralee Bell is currently scheduled, Michael Damian's character has disappeared into the hallways of the courthouse, with no idea of when he'll return. Fans are begging Josh Griffith to give Michael Damian a storyline to keep him in Genoa City. He is very much a staple to the Soap Opera and very much loved by fans. Fans tweet saying, "Keep a good guy around for a change", and #BringbackYandRDanny is all over twitter.

Michael Damian is a hot commodity onscreen. I promise Josh Griffith, if Danny returns to stay, fans are going to be glued to the television. Ratings are already good, they will skyrocket. Danny was part of the earlier days and fans love him. He promotes the show. He is fan friendly. He tweets with fans. People enjoy him and want to support him.

So Josh Griffith, are you going to give the fans what they want? We want Danny Romalotti!! And not just any "Danny Romalotti", we want Michael Damian.