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Fans get to build an episode on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Fans of “Hawaii Five-0” saw their efforts come to fruition Friday night. Finally the long awaited “Fan Built Episode” aired on CBS. The first fan built category, where fans could choose the scene of the crime at the show’s website, took place back in October. “Ho’i Hou” (Hawaiian for “Reunited”) is aptly named, because the winning locale was none other than Chin Ho’s 25th high school reunion.

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Chin and Jerry were both graduates of Kukui High. As they walked into the gymnasium you heard the popular song from the 1988/1989 school year “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown. One of the attendees of the reunion ended up as a murder victim. Fans chose for her to be the heiress of a macadamia nut tycoon.

This episode’s unforgettable and masterful scene was the chosen murder weapon. Fans selected the five-inch stiletto heel. It’s where the victim took a fall from the school’s stairwell landing strategically in a freak accident on her own upright high heel shoe.

One of the reunion attendees, the class bully, is now a marginal illusionist or magician performing at assisted living facilities on the island. Fans chose this suspect who was later brought into questioning by Five-0. It was interesting to see the array of magic props he had in his possession.

Tampa Bay was briefly mentioned when Chin stated the suspect is a person of interest in St. Petersburg, Florida. Turns out Mr. Illusionist had an ironclad alibi filling in at a hotel show.

At the class reunion a 1989 time capsule, contributed by all the graduates, was revealed, but not completely. Fans were instrumental in selecting a toy rocket to be a key piece of evidence. The showdown took place at a maze garden on the macadamia nut plantation the fans wanted to see happen.

Other key elements “Hawaii Five-0” fans selected was soundtrack music by “Good One” from The Green’s “Hawai’i ’13,″ the wardrobe for Chin’s reunion and Kono’s first scene, and finally the brilliant episode title.

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