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Fans dub ‘Resurrection’ best show in long time


The pilot episode of “Resurrection" which aired on March 9 on ABC has already gathered a following of fans that can’t wait to see future episodes. Reactions by Twitter users range from those declaring they are already addicted to the show to those who find it intriguing.

#Resurrection is already my favorite TV show. First show worth watching in a long time. Loved the first episode!” says one fan in a tweet.

The premiere opened with a young boy waking in a rice field in China where he begins to wander in the small village. While he looks dazed, his collapse comes as surprise to those around him. When emergency personnel swoop in, they soon discover the young man does not speak and has not identification other than the name Jacob written in the collar of his Mansfield Panthers jersey.

When immigration agent J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) is tasked with taking the child to protective services, he takes a special interest in the young man. When 8-year-old Jacob spells out the name of his home town of Arcadia, MO, agent Bellamy feels compelled to take him home.

Upon arrival, Agent Bellamy encounters the aging parents of Jacob. The only problem is that their Jacob drowned 32 years ago in the nearby river. We soon learn that the young man who claims to be Jacob remembers events of his life 32 years ago and recognizes his parents.

DNA testing reveals that Jacob is their biological son.

Jacob begins to reveal unknown facts about the drowning that suddenly begin to make sense to family members.

Where Jacob has been for 32 years is unknown, but by the end of the episode we learn that he is not the only one who is returning from the dead. A friend’s father returns at the end of the show.

Although there are no indications yet as to where they have been, it should be noted that Jacob wears a red jersey throughout the entire show, even when admitted to the hospital after a seizure and in his memories of the original drowning.

When Elaine's father returns he too wears a red cap throughout the show until it finally revealed that he has returned from the dead.

Whether the use of red is significant of simply used to lead the viewer astray is unclear.

Tune into ABC Sunday nights at 9/8 central to find out more about Jacob and his mysterious return on "Resurrection"

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