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Fans await the first day gross income of the Sarah Geronimo-Coco Martin film

Sarah Geronimo, Coco Martin
Sarah Geronimo, Coco Martin
YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online

In just a few hours from now, May 28, 2014, ABS-CBN and Viva Films will release an updated report regarding the first day gross income of the movie “Maybe This Time,” the first big screen team up of Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin. Sarah Geronimo is fresh from the success of “It Takes A Man and A Woman,” her third and reunion movie with John Lloyd Cruz.

Probably, that is the reason why some of her bashers online are asking if she can duplicate the success of the most popular Filipino movie of 2013. Said movie was also had international screening, in fact, it was noticed by an insider of CNN. So, what’s in store for Sarah and Coco Martin after the mega hit "It Takes A Man and A Woman," can they out-gross the movie?

Well, aside from John Lloyd Cruz, the pop princess was also had the chance to be paired with Gerald Anderson, her rumored ex-boyfriend. Both movies, “Catch Me I’m Fallen” and “Won’t Last a Day without You,” had reached the expectations of ABS-CBN and Viva Films, two major films outfits that produced the movies.

And even though the pop princess had never received any recognition from those movies, some observers said Sarah Geronimo had gained self-confidence after her team up with Gerald Anderson. Reports said Star Cinema was planning to give them another movie project during the height of their rumored relationship, but due to some issues and circumstances occurred before the filming of their possible third movie, the management decided not to continue.

They parted ways after that, and now both of them are having serious relationship with Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli. Anyway, popsters are excited to know the result of the first day run of Maybe This Time and they are expecting the management to release the figures on TV Patrol or Bandila.