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Fans are left wondering: Did Kim Kardashian PhotoShop her recent 'selfie'?

According to Yahoo on Jan 6, Kim Kardashian is being accused by her loyal and sometimes disloyal fans of Photoshopping her recent pictures that she posted to Instagram. It appears many fans believe she may have altered her picture with gal pal Blac Chyna to make her waist look smaller and more defined and her back side look larger.

Many fans claim the proof is in the curvy door and her blurry stomach.
Instagram screen shot

Apparently, now many are now having a tough time believing her ‘belfie’ picture she posed in November. The telling part of the picture she posted with her gal pal Blac Chyna was the door. Apparently, it looks curved and not natural at all. Another trouble spot is her stomach and the floor look blurry, while her other features are clear. Many are saying it is Photoshopped, badly done at that. One follower noticed her underarm section had been altered.

On Instagram, many fans claimed the photo was clearly altered. Kim Kardashian has not weighed in on the accusation and most likely, she won’t. That leaves us to wonder, if this picture is altered could she have made her booty larger in the famous ‘Belfie’ picture?

The Instagram followers weighed in; below are a few of the comments.

"Why did Kim Kardashian Photoshop her body and leave the door with curves?"

"lol @ kim kardashian's shit photoshop skills. look at the far left door im laff."

"I guess Kim Kardashian thinks we all don't know about the liquify tool in photoshop!"

"Now i'm gonna look @ every kim kardashian instagram for obvious photoshop warping."

Do you think her ‘selfie’ or ‘belfie’ was altered?

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