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Fanny May recalls 12,000 boxes of chocolates: Peanut contents not labeled

Fannie May recall: Peanuts in chocolates not marked on box
Fannie May recall: Peanuts in chocolates not marked on box
Chicago Tribune

Fanny May has announced a recall. The Fannie May Confections Brands in Chicago is recalling 12,000 boxes of its 4-ounce, red heart-shaped gift box chocolates. One piece of chocolate in the package contains peanuts and was not labeled as such, according to a UPI report on Friday.

Fannie May’s officials asserted that they are recalling these specific boxes of chocolate candy pieces after a consumer informed Fanny May’s customer service. The consumer told Fanny May’s customer service that there were peanuts in the package of chocolates but the contents do not list peanuts.

Peanuts, of course, are an allergen of which some people have severely negative reactions. The officials’ statement said that persons who have severe sensitivity to peanuts or have an allergy to them could even experience life-threatening results by consuming the product.

One person, according to the Fanny May statement, has had a negative reaction from the product via an allergic reaction – and was treated and released from further medical care.

No other products from Fannie May has been affected.