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FanExpo Canada and Photo Studio allow Dr. Who fans to support community hospital

Tardis Backdrop at FanExpo Canada
Rowan Photography Studio

What do FanExpo Canada, Doctor Who and a photography studio all have in common? Using Time Lord lingo, it’s a nexus point for the trans-dimensional interlocation … of an opportunity to do some great good in the universe.
If you’re at FanExpo Canada this weekend AND you’re a Doctor Who fan, then you need to see the incredible Tardis and Doctor Who paraphernalia-laden backdrop Rowan Photography Studio has set up for fans.

Humans and Gallifreyans alike get a chance to pose in their favourite police box surrounded by objects like the robotic dog companion K-9 (introduced in Tom Baker’s run of the series in the 1980’s), stills from the TV show and the right level of geek-ambience necessary for this sort of activity to succeed. What’s even better, cosplayers from the Toronto chapter of The Doctor Who Society of Canada might even join you for some truly memorable and authentic-looking scenes.

But it’s not just for fun and laughs. Rowan Photography Studio donates proceeds from the sales of the photos to the Hospital for Sick Children, aka Sick Kids. Sick Kids is one of the world’s leading paediatric hospitals developing new research methodology and treatments for various juvenile diseases, ailments and injuries. As a parent of a child who benefited from this great hospital, this is a way that owner, Alison Saunders can express her support … and allow fans of an amazing television show to do the same.

Located in the North Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this photo-opportunity can be found next to other purveyors of great fandom. If you see a robotic dog roaming around the floor, looking for its master, then you’ve probably found it. So, get a package of jelly-babies, warm up your sonic screwdriver, and get ready to shout “Geronimo” as you pose for a truly time-warping photographic experience.

And, try to think of the all the kids you’ll be helping as you do.

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