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Fandemonium 2009 - Survival Guide


Copyright (c) 2009 Fandemonium

We’re now twelve hours away from ultimate fandom at Idaho’s Annual Entertainment Expo, FandemoniumGamers, cosplayers, and fans of all stripes will soon begin the annual pilgrimage to the Nampa Civic Center to celebrate those things that truly do bring the spice to life.   Whether it’s your first convention, or you’re a veteran with a well-nicked boffer sword, here’s a few tips for a safe and wonderful event.

Things to bring:

  • Backpack or large satchel – There’s no private storage outside of your person, your car, or hotel room.
  • Light jacket - Sometimes it’s 100 in Nampa in August, sometimes 60, but it’s always cool at the con.
  • Camera or camera phone - You’ll miss it if you don’t have it.
  • Gaming deck or army - Don’t be caught flat-footed should a challenge present itself.  Magic: the Gathering was created primarily so that con-goers could have a fast game between events!
  • Cash - You’ll want food and convention swag.  No doubt more than a few dealers or artists will catch your eye and few vendors will be able to accept other forms of payment.

Things to do:

  • Events - Fandemonium’s signature events include Tai Chi, Boffer Sword Construction, and a wide variety of dances and demonstrations.
  • Panels - This weekend’s panels will address topics ranging from Sailor Moon to How to Be a Game Representative.  There's something for everyone.
  • Cosplay and Costuming - It’s hard to resist a man/woman/cat-thing in uniform.  Costumes ranging from irresistible to irrepressible will be on display, thanks to avid fans.
  • Open Gaming - Open gaming means that you can simply walk up and join in the fun.  Some may require a signup in advance, but many demonstrations and pick up games are offered.
  • Tournaments - Competitions ranging from Smash Brothers video games to Warmachines & Hordes will provide great prizes to skilled contestants.  Are you game?

Things NOT to do:

  • Never damage any Civic Center or Hotel property.
  • Do not bring illegal/illicit drugs or edged/live/metal weapons.  All are prohibited.
  • Ask before you take pictures of cosplayers or costumers; a little courtesy goes a long way.
  • Don’t forget to shower, eat, and sleep.  It’s easy to get carried away, but BO ruins things for everyone.

Twelve hours and counting; see you at Fandemonium 2009!

For more info: Fandemonium Home Page