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Fandemonium 2009


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This week culminates in Fandemonium 2009 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Every year, zombies, otaku, and gamers descend on the Nampa Civic center for fun, frolic, and shared fandom.  This will be the sixth year the fan convention has been held in Nampa.  There are programming tracks for horror movies, sci-fi and fantasy, comic books and manga, anime, roleplaying, tabletop games, cosplaying and a whole lot more.  The annual Fandemonium celebration has been a big draw to our community, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

One of the highly anticipated events this year will be the first community-organized Saturday Morning Cartoons showing from 10am – 1pm on Saturday, highlighting many favorites from the eighties and early nineties.  Zombie and horror movies will be shown throughout all three days, along with anime and other genres in the video rooms.  The tabletop games will provide hours of fun for wargamers, roleplayers, dice-chuckers, and cardfloppers alike.  Many games are included with admission, though competitive events with prizes may have additional fees.  Video game tournaments and displays will also be set up at varying times throughout the convention.  Cosplay competitions (both adult and general) are scheduled and there will also be a Boffer Sword Grand Melee for the SCA or other LARP/swords devotees.
Perhaps the most distinctive element of the convention is that it is completely fan organized and staffed by volunteers from the community who dedicate their time and resources to having the best possible event each year.  These dedicated enthusiasts provide everything from scheduling and programs to securing rights to video viewings and convention halls.   I have been privileged to speak with a few of them in the lead up to this year’s con and have discovered a team with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing their love for all things fan-related.
I was surprised when I recently mentioned Fandemonium to a friend who grew up in the Nampa area.  He has organized trips to GenCon, Radcon, and other conventions for locals with carpools and shared hotel rooms.  He’s also a local gamemaster, and someone that I consider “in the know” about most local gaming stores and related events.  His response was “What’s that?”  I guess the convention remains a well-kept secret!  As Fandemonium grows each year, it will be our job as local gamers to help promote this event.  Registrations are available now online and tickets may also be purchased at the door.  A three-day entry is $35 for adults, less with preregistration or for children.  See you at the Fandom!

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  • Bunnee 5 years ago

    Wonderful write up for our home away from reality. I couldn't help but laugh to see the briaded regi-girl in the picture at the bottom, I always forget that I had been ninja-pic'd from behind that year! I look forward to attending the convention. It's always great to see Fandi on a international veiwing scale.