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Fancy Feast Broths for your fancy feline

Top Chef Richard Blais has partnered with Fancy Feast to bring cat parents Fancy Feast Broths.
Top Chef Richard Blais has partnered with Fancy Feast to bring cat parents Fancy Feast Broths.

Fancy Feast is honored to partner with Top Chef Champion Richard Blais. Together they will launch a new category of changing cat food – Fancy Feast Broths.

The product has been market tested for a few months in select PetCo stores but will be rolling out nationally soon. Richard and the cat will be hosting a cocktail party in New York tomorrow, July 22nd in order to celebrate the official launch of Broths. At that time, the Chef will also unveil a special video of his attempts to please the iconic Fancy Feast cat.

Then, beginning on Wednesday, July 23rd, feline owners will be able to visit to view the clip online and sign up for a free sample of Broths.

As has been the trend over the past few years for pet parents to pay better attention to the overall welfare of their pets; considering them parts of their family. With this trend, there have emerged some high end culinary delights for pet. Now most brands are trying to follow suit.

When Richard decided to team up with Fancy Feast, he began thinking Farm-to-Table foods. He also considered foods that could easily be mashed up. Artisan ingredients also came to mind.

Since Chef Blais was promoting himself the trusted Fancy Feast cat food brand, he searched long and hard for the purr-fect feline companion for his own family. There is little reason to market a product if you can’t back the product with your use.

What Richard Blais discovered was that working with a finicky icon put him to the test. Cats are particular – more so sometimes than most human beings can be – so it really put his imagination to the test to create the next best, latest, greatest cat food that felines would not turn their tail to.

That being said, the Chef has come up with Fancy Feast Broths and cats in the test markets seem to be digging it. Thanks to that show of support, Fancy Feast has decided to go ahead and introduce their newest feline food variety to the mass public. They are proud to do so with the help and support of their partner Top Chef Champion Richard Blais.

This week, you, too, will be able to request your sample of Fancy Feast Broths for the feline or felines of your life so that when it is introduced in your area, you can run right out and get your finicky eaters something they will truly enjoy!

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