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Fancy a pint? A great web resource (besides me, of course)

Recently I received a request for a pub recommendation in an area of London I rarely frequent: Knightsbridge.  To be honest, that particular part of London is a little rich for my blood, not to mention a ways from where I live, but in the interest of branching out (and pleasing my readers), I decided to do a bit of research and try to get down there to profile a pub.

I googled the area, and read some pub reviews, but it wasn't until today, when I discovered, that I really hit the jackpot.  The site reviews pubs all over London (on a 1-5 pint scale), and gives tidbits such as which venues play live music and which don't allow cell phones.

I'm still hoping to get down to Knightsbridge and review a few places myself, because of course I can't expect you all to want to spend your London vacays in Angel alone, but for now, give fancyapint a shot and let me know how it goes!

PS Darren, just for now, this is for you.  


  • Darren -Columbia Independent Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks very much. Just what I needed, besides a pint! I knew you'd come through eventually!

  • Darren -Columbia Independent Examiner 5 years ago

    P.S. The link in your article is broken, but I found the site.

  • Darren 5 years ago

    Apparently the site is havng problems. It went down while I was searching. Just my luck. I'll try again later.

  • Anne H. 5 years ago

    Sorry about that. It seems to be working now though (just MY luck that the site would go down just as I publish!).

  • Darren 5 years ago

    Thanks! I found more pubs than I'll ever be able to hit while I'm there. Too much to see to sit in a pub for the whole trip, but I'm sure that's where I'll spend my evenings!