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New England Patriots receive a boost of confidence from Hulk Hogan

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The New England Patriots are probably the last team in the NFL that needs a boost of confidence. But they are receiving some from one of their biggest fans. According to ESPN Boston on Jan. 2, former WWE champion and professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has declared himself a big fan and is showing support.

The Patriots have already demonstrated heart and a desire to win this season. After losing tight end Aaron Hernandez in the offseason and star players Vince Wilfork, Rob Gronkowski and Jerod Mayo to season-ending injury, the team still managed to go 12-4 while securing the second seed in this year’s NFL Playoffs. Now suddenly, an enthusiastic Hulk Hogan has declared himself a fan.

In a video released on Facebook, Hogan declared himself a fan the only way Hulk Hogan knows how.

“Right in New England, you’ve got a piece of Hulk Hogan. And what that means, brother, is if you get tired, if [Tom] Brady gets tired, or if anybody’s knees wobble, their back cracks or their liver quivers, brother, you can take one of the largest arms in the world, Hulk Hogan’s arm, you can strap it to your hips and can score as many touchdowns as you want, brother.”

Now this is not the kind of publicity that will make head coach Bill Belichick happy, but it may just be inspiring for some of the players.

Patriots’ tight end Matthew Mulligan is one of those players. The self-proclaimed Hulkamaniac, beamed with excitement about the possibility of meeting Hogan and having him on the team’s side.

“I believe there’s only a few people in life that as a grown man you’d be pretty giddy about meeting, and I think Hulk Hogan is one of them,” said Mulligan.

Too bad Gronkowski is not healthy and playing. He has the type of personality on the field that would match Hulkamania.

Hulk Hogan finishes the Facebook video with his trademark line: “What are the Patriots gonna do now that they got Hulk Hogan running with all of you?!”

Fans at Gillette Stadium are going to have fun with this when the team returns to the field on Jan. 11.