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Fan left on puppy's cage starts fatal fire

A pit bull puppy died in a fire/NOT the puppy from this story
A pit bull puppy died in a fire/NOT the puppy from this story
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According to Monday's Herald Online, a four-month-old puppy in Rock Hill, S.C., died on Sunday night after burning to death inside of his dog kennel.

The puppy's owner, 25-year-old Ivory Williams, had placed a fan on top of the pit bull puppy's cage, and then covered the fan and the cage with a blanket. Williams left his home and during the time that he was away, a fire started in the fan's motor and burned up the blanket, as well as the puppy who was trapped inside of the cage.

Responding police officers found the pup's charred remains and in light of the cruel manner that the puppy died, they cited Williams with animal cruelty. The police claim that they were told that the fan was being powered by an electrical cord which came from a neighbor's house because the power had been turned off at William's house.

Williams does not understand why he was cited - he claims that the fan was only put there to keep his pup cool and that what happened was "out of his control."

The puppy who died had been with Williams since birth. According to The State, the pup was the result of William's first time breeding a pit bull.

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