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Fan kisses reporter during World Cup televised event

A fan actually kissed a reporter during the middle of her making a report live on television. On Monday, Christian Post shared the news about this little kiss. You can check out the video on this page. The soccer fan shocked Sabina Simonato but she handled it all really well.

In this clip, you can see it happen. He walks up to her and puts his arm around her. The next thing he does is lean over and kiss her on the cheek. She doesn't freak out or anything though. She is able to just keep going and it isn't a problem at all. Honestly this reporter impressed everyone by the way that she handled it all.

This fan walked off the camera after he kissed her and Sabina Simonato just kept on going like it wasn't a big deal. You have to wonder what made this fan think that running in for a kiss was a great idea but it worked out okay for him.

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