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Fan funds sought to help record Digital Leather's next album

A display of Digital Leather merch
A display of Digital Leather merch
Digital Leather

Fans of evil synth punk outfit Digital Leather, get ready to be happy. The band -- masterminded by perverse semi-genius Shawn Foree -- is employing some revolutionary tactics to fund a new slab of wax for its adoring fans.

Utilizing a pledge-based site called Kickstarter, Digital leather is solicitng funds to help secure the use of a mastering and recording device that will enable the project to move forward. The concept is simple: Supporters can donate at one of two levels ($10 for a free download or $15 for a free download and a limited and numbered vinyl edition of the album). The project only gets off the ground if the total project goal -- in this case $600 -- is reached. Talk about grass roots action!

Well, folks, it looks like the project will become a beautiful reality. At last check, 44 backers have already pledged $766 to the fund. Based on the jaw-dropping brilliance of "Warm Brother," Digital Leather's last full-length from Fat Possum Records, this new album is sure to be a musical doozie.

It's worth a contribution. As the band says, "As an added bonus, you get the satisfaction that you're a part of something larger than yourself, you're elevating your friends to the next level in their artistic careers, you will feel less miserable about life, etc etc."

Become a part of the dream HERE.