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Fan-based Duke Nukem 3D gets green light from Gearbox

Will this release before Duke Nukem Forever?
Will this release before Duke Nukem Forever?

This is what happens when you have a game company that pays attention to its fans.

Frederik “Fresch” Schreiber decided one day to use the Unreal 3 engine to do a fan-based version of the original Duke Nukem 3D game.

After posting some screenshots on Gearbox's forum, word spread quickly about his project and after talks with Gearbox, he's been given the go ahead!

Here's a snippet from the Gearbox forums:

What is Duke Nukem: Next-Gen?
Duke Nukem: Next-Gen – Is a new independently developed game – By the fans, for the fans!

Duke Nukem: Next-Gen (DNNG), is the codename (Not final title), for at new Re-vision of Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D, if the game was made today.
DNNG uses Unreal Engine 3 technology to achieve the graphics expected for a next-gen title.

The final game will include both a 3 Episode Singleplayer campaign, and a full fledged Multiplayer Component, and will be released free to everyone – NO other games required.
How did this happen?

A few weeks ago, i played with the idea of a Duke Nukem 3D revision, made on Unreal Engine 3 Tech. Knowning that every other Duke project, not based on 3Drealms own technology (Build), has been knifed and cancelled, i didnt think it was possible to do.

But i still went for the idea and made a “Test” map, of what it might look like. Afterwards i took some screenshots, posted them on this board, for everyone to see – And all hell broke loose! Suddently the “News” of a Next-Gen remake, was all over the internet, even though the development wasnt approved by either Gearbox or 3Drealms.

I contacted George Brussard and Scott Miller, to start a conversation about the project – The shots managed to convice Scott Miller to a certain degree – But the project was only doable if Take-Two would approve it.

Thinking that Gearbox might have a better relationship to Take-Two, than 3Drealms, I contacted AdamF, who passed me through to PJ Putnam, Vice President and General Counsel of Gearbox Software.

Luckily Gearbox was interested in supporting the project, which resulted in a personal non-commercial license to Duke Nukem.

When will this be released?
DNNG – The final full game, will be released “When its done” (No kidding).
But we wont hold back the experience, until the final game gets released.
We want to ensure that the entire community will play a part in testing the product in different phases.

Thats why everyone will be able to play the first official Milestone Test.
The first test will include a few maps, and the weapons, items, etc. included in those maps. This will be a Multiplayer Duke-Match Test.

We have an internal release date for the Multiplayer Demo, and its sooner than you think – We hope you are just as excited as we are.

Check out the official thread here.


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