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Famous Cronut bakery gets shut down due to mice infestation


The famous Cronut has garnered a fan base that spans throughout New York and beyond.

The Cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by Dominique Ansel, owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in SOHO New York City.

On Friday April 4 the Dominique Ansel Bakery was shut down by the department of health a day after a customer shared a video of a mouse in scurrying through the bakery, NY Daily News reports.

In October 2013 a health inspection uncovered evidence of vermin but the health inspector issued the bakery a grade “A” despite the findings.

The latest inspection required the bakery get professional pest control services before the bakery is set to reopen on Monday.

Ansel seems to feel he is being targeted unfairly because he is the self proclaimed “it” boy of American patisserie.

“We often feel like we're being looked at under a tremendous microscope,” he said. “No other bakery would've suffered as we did in a similar situation.”

“We run a clean and good operation, but see that we were targeted and will rise to the occasion to be even better,” he said. “People don't see the larger ramifications of their actions and how a tiny video of a mouse running across the screen for three seconds can cause harm and damages to an honest, small business that people's livelihood depends on.”

One Cronut is sold for $5 and the store has a daily limit on how many units can be purchased per customer per day. Fans of the famous pastry have gone so far as to purchase them from scalpers for up to $100 each, yes you read that correctly $100 for one pastry.

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