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Famous California haunted mansion will soon allow overnight guests

The Winchester Mystery House will soon allow guests to spend the night
The Winchester Mystery House will soon allow guests to spend the night
Alameda Info

The Winchester Mystery House will soon be open for visitors to stay overnight. The San Jose planning department recently approved a special permit to allow overnight guests NBC News reported yesterday.

The 160-room mansion was constructed in the 1880s and was designed by Winchester Gun heiress Sarah Winchester. Winchester believed that she was haunted by Native American spirits that were killed by the famous firearms that her husband created. The maze-like mansion was built by Winchester to confuse the spirits. The house has doorways and stairwells that literally lead to nowhere.

The famous tourist attraction has never allowed guests to stay overnight or permitted guests to have alcohol. A special use permit that was approved on March 5 by the San Jose planning department will soon change that.

"It wouldn't be a hotel type of thing. Some people just have a fascination with it," City planning department representative Kristinae Toomians said.

Paranormal investigators are thrilled by the news. Just a few weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky, the owners of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium filed a zoning plan to convert the former tuberculosis hospital into a hotel and the city's zoning committee voted in favor for city council to approve the zoning for the project.

For more information on the Winchester Mystery House and for tour prices, visit their website or call 408-247-2101. The Winchester Mystery House is located on 525 South Winchester Boulevard, in San Jose, California.

Owners of a Kentucky haunted hospital plan to make it a haunted hotel

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