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Famous artists' early works for sale

Rare chance to buy famous artists' early works at the Artist's Tag Sale
Project X Foundation

Al Pacino once said that children are his greatest acting teacher. He specifically told the story of how he was having difficulty playing a blind man for the movie Scent of a Woman. He didn’t want to put a pair of white contacts. He also didn’t want to end up wearing a pair of dark sunglasses all the time because 75 percent of emotions are conveyed through the eyes.

He then asked his 5-year-old daughter to act out as a blind person with her eyes open. She didn’t even have to think about it. The result is an Academy Award for Best Actor for Pacino.

There is always a sense of purity when people create a piece of art for no other purpose but to express an emotion or convey a message meant for no one’s satisfaction but their own. That is why it is always to catch new artists in their infant years.
Artist's Tag Sale by Project X Foundation gives people a rare opportunity to witness and encounter artists when they were most unsure of who they were but didn’t mind.

Artists like Meghann McCrory, Adrian Paules, Akina Cox, Sarah McMenimen, Daniel Ingroff, Daniel Small and more than 30 other artists will be selling old works for less than $50 per piece. Most of these are pieces they personally valued and kept as a remembrance of their old selves, old loves or old times. In a sense, selling it is also an invitation for people to come in to their lives and explore their past in the most intimate of ways.

This is the second stop for the event’s traveling series. You have to visit their Facebook page to confirm your attendance.

  • Artist’s Tag Sale
  • June 28, Saturday
  • 10am – 3pm
  • Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
  • 2225 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Visit their Facebook Page for more information
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