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Famke Janssen spooked by 'The Lonely (Lenci) Doll' book

Famke Janssen has appeared in her share of supernatural movies playing somewhat spooky characters such as Jean Grey/Phoenix in the "X-Men" film series and the wicked witch Muriel in "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters." However, Janssen was recently spooked by a children's book called "The Lonely Doll. "

A low-res image of "The Lonely Doll" book cover with Lenci doll
Dare Wright, composite by Kathryn Darden

Last month the actress, who has no children, unexpectedly found the children's book sitting on a shelf beside her bed. "The Lonely Doll," written by Dare Wright in 1957, is about a doll named Edith who has no one to play with and who eventually finds two teddy bears who become her friends. The quaint vintage cover apparently looks somewhat creepy to Janssen as well as several journalists who have covered the story.

The doll book disturbed Janssen enough to cause her to call the police. However, according to a Sept. 18 article on nypost, after a month of investigating, detectives decided the book belonged to Janssen all along because it had a couple of her to-do lists tucked between the pages.

This was news to the "Taken" actress who still does not know where "The Lonely Doll" book came from or how it appeared next to her bed.

A little doll history: Edith, the heroine of the book, is a side-glancing felt Lenci Doll from the 1920s which belonged to Dare as a child. Dare gave her doll a makeover and then photographed it in black and white for the book. Lenci dolls were made from 1919 to 2001 by the “Lenci Company.”

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