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Family Witnessed Death of Woman on Laptop – Husband Booked On Murder

Sanaz Nazami - family watched her death on laptop
Sanaz Nazami - family watched her death on laptop
photo credit - Yahoo

It is so very tragic to see the life of a young loved one’s end before they have had the opportunity to truly live a full and rewarding existence. Yet that is what the family of 27-year-old Sanaz Nazami had to deal with as they watched her die 6,000 miles away on their laptop, according to Fox News.

The life of this very vibrant and intelligent young woman who was pursuing an advanced degree in engineering was tragically interrupted by her husband, who according to police uncontrollably beat her and rendered her brain-dead, reported police suggested Fox News.

Yet, even in her tragic state, Nezami who had barely been in the United States but a few weeks was able to give the precious gift of life to others. As the family sat in awe and anguish watching her via the computer, they gave their consent to the hospital to donate her organs, which included her lungs, heart.

Before the engineering student passed away her loving gift provided new life and hope for seven unknown organ recipients all across America, according to Fox News.

Life had indeed been quite promising for Nezami and her new husband Nima Nassiri, who were wedded in Turkey and then moved to America soon afterward. What was to be an exciting academic opportunity for her obtaining an advanced degree in engineering at Michigan Technological University soon turned to tragedy on December 8th.

She did not recover from the severe injuries to her head according to Fox News, and the subsequent swelling in her brain prevented necessary blow flow in her brain.

If there is a saving grace in all of the mournful pain the family has undergone is for them to bear witness to the life-giving opportunity and new joy Nezami provided others

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