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Family with four children sharing the same birthday

Four children in one family share same birthday
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According to the Daily Mail on Jan. 17, a family with four children all have same birthday: The parents welcomed their last child on Jan. 12., the same date of the other three children's birth. The odds of that happening four times are more than 133,000 to one even though Emily Scrugham and Peter Dunn from Cleator Moor, Cumbria call it a lucky coincidence.

New baby Ryan shares his birthday with his five-year-old brother Sam, and his two-year-old twin sisters Brooke and Nicole.

None of the children's due date was Jan. 12. Sam was two weeks late, the twins one month early and Ryan three days late. The twins had to be delivered by emergency caesarean section as doctors couldn't find their heartbeats. The mother said she didn't want them to be born on Sam's birthday but she didn't have a choice.

The couple has been together for seven years and met through mutual friends. This family won't have trouble remembering their children's birthdays.

Emily, 22, said, "I really can't believe we have another birthday on the same day - it certainly wasn't planned." She said she would never dream of moving their birthdays so they could have their own day to celebrate. She said, "They were all born on Jan. 12 so it will be celebrated on that day."

Peter, 24, said: 'I'm still trying to work out if it would be easier to have birthdays spread throughout the year or all on the same day.

The children are all still young, but when they get older the couple will have to plan a 21st, an 18th and a 16th birthday party all for the same day.

However, for now the family said they are looking forward to the normal challenges and sleepless nights of having four children aged five and under.

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