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Family posts request for a kidney on Facebook gets huge response

Callaway Family
Callaway Family

Social media can get a bad rap sometimes. But it can also be used for doing good, such as saving a life.

As of Saturday, the Facebook page "Our Daddy Needs A Kidney" had nearly 8,000 likes. The page was started by a Georgia wife looking for a kidney donor for her husband, who is a 24-year police veteran near fatal renal failure.

Raleigh Callaway, 49, is an investigator with the Police Department in Greensboro, Georgia. Callaway has been getting treatment at Emory Hospital the last decade for chronic kidney disease. Even though he recently learned that he has "Stage 5" kidney failure, he continues to work to support his wife and two daughters, ages 2 and 4.

Kristi Callaway says on Friday, the transplant center at Emory had gotten more than 300 phone calls from prospective donors wanting to be tested.

According to Emory Hospital, the pre-screening process includes a no-cost initial blood work and 24-hour urine collection. It will be covered by special funding through Emory.

Mayo Clinic says kidney donors long-term survival rate, quality of life, general health and risk of kidney failure are pretty much the same as it is for those who aren't kidney donors. Regular checkups, including monitoring of your kidney function and blood pressure, are performed to evaluate the donor's health after donating a kidney. Research reveals that there is small long-term risk for kidney donation, provided donors are carefully screened before donating.

If you would like to see if you are a donor candidate for Raleigh Callaway contact the Emory Clinic Department of Transplants at 1-855-366-7989. Or if you would like to visit the Callaway's Facebook page click here.

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