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Family vacation bargains: Phoenix in the summer

One of the nice shady areas that really cut the heat by the pool at the Fire Sky Resort in Scottsdale.
One of the nice shady areas that really cut the heat by the pool at the Fire Sky Resort in Scottsdale.
Angele Sionna

When you think of Phoenix in the summer you probably think of one thing: hot. And you'd be right. It is hot with temperatures over 100 everyday all summer long, it sounds like too much. But in reality summer can be a great time to visit Phoenix - the key is to stay near water or air conditioning and keep hydrated and if the temperature is under 110 (because of the dry heat) it is bearable during the day and wonderful at night. Last year we decided to chance Phoenix summers when we found a bargain at one of their local resort hotels - and it was fantastic. We went back and explored a different hotel this summer. During the summer months, you can find deals down to $99 per night for your family to stay at some of the nicest hotel resorts in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. The trick is to look up the top resorts in Scottsdale on Trip Advisor, then go to the hotel's pages and click on their specials. You can also go to the property's brand page and search for deals at all of their Phoenix-area resorts at once. The Scottsdale CVB also has good guide to bargains HERE. You'll find the very best bargains mid-week. These deals can make your family summer road trip across the southwest a real treat in an oasis, instead of a hot stop with complaints from the kids. Instead, they'll be asking, "When can we come back!" Here's a look at two Scottsdale resorts I've stayed at with my family and 100% recommend:

Last year we stayed at the Fire Sky Resort in Scottsdale. It is a smaller resort with wonderful pools that have plenty of shade around to cut the heat. One of the pools has a sand walk in beach that my kids particularly enjoyed. They also still talk about the s'mores the hotel provides guests to cook over fire pits at night. The rooms are standard size, not much luxury to them but clean and comfortable. You can look for their current specials at

This summer, we stayed at the well-known Scottsdale Princess hotel. This is a much larger resort with three pools, one of which has great water slides. They also have a small shady playground for little ones. The staff here is very friendly and goes out of their way for guests to feel comfortable. The rooms feel like a luxurious hotel, complete with a giant tub and separate large shower and bathrobes. The property has You can find their specials at

Both of these properties have tons of other amenities including a spa and golf course, if you're into those things, which our family was not during these trips. I would stay at both these resorts any time of the year again, as well as try out others for a real family treat in the summer months. You can spoil yourself and your family without breaking the bank, which everyone needs now and then.