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Family trapped by attack cat call 911 for help

A Portland, Ore. family called 911 for help when their 22-pound pet cat gets hostile and traps them in a bedroom. On March 10, KATU reported that the family pet snapped and attacked it's owners, forcing them to call for emergency help.

The angry cat attack happened on Sunday evening when the cat attacked the couple's 7-month old baby. Lee Palmer admitted to kicking the cat. After getting kicked, the cat went ballistic and attacked Palmer and Teresa Barker.

Barker grabbed the baby and the dog and headed for a bedroom. Palmer joined them there and dialed 911 for help. The couple's 22-pound Himalayan named Lux was posted outside the door, hissing and spitting. The 911 operator even admitted during the conversation that she could hear him and not to open the bedroom door. Palmer told the operator, "The cat, we don't know what to do about the cat - he's trying to attack us. When I leave the bedroom to let the police in, I'm gonna have to fight this cat."

Once police arrived to the home, they were able to corner the angry cat in the kitchen with a snare. It is unknown of the family will keep the cat or give it away to be adopted.

Lee Palmer has admitted that he kicked the cat for attacking the baby. The internet is abuzz with those who condemn him for kicking the cat. How do you feel about the events that transpired? Is Palmer justified to have kicked the cat as punishment? Even if the baby had been hurting the cat prior to his attack?

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