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Family time in the summer

Good evening, this is Alfred DaCosta and I am your host with Seekers of Truth. If it is your first time on the show, you are in for a treat. Jesus is coming back and we can't wait. So far we open our day with protection and do the same to close every day.

It is summer time and it is time to relax and have fun. It is time to do all of the things you could not do during the school year. It is time to get a job to buy the things you could not buy before. The summer time is a very productive time. Sleep overs, camp fires, summer romances and even bromances. Whether you get along with your family or not, it is important to spend time with the people you share a roof with. It is time to sit in a circle facing one another. It is time to put away technological advancements. It will not be easy for some of you. Just as physical training is a tearing and rebuilding of muscle tissue combined with muscle memory, the saying "no pain no gain" suddenly becomes a sobering truth. Start off by going around the room and talking about the good bad and ugly of the day. Talk about some of the unusual circumstances you experienced. Like the man with the torn aorta on NY Medical. Or the hateful lady at work that tests your boundaries. Open with a word of prayer. If this is your first time hearing about family worship, this is a good way to start it. Remember this is training. When making changes in your life for the better, you will need to do it little by little. You will have to stop living according to your feelings. The first step in seeking the truth is to seek the Lord. After a small talk read a small devotion. There are plenty of apps. "Daily Bible Devotions" are a good start. Tonight's title is called "A Loyal Spirit." Stay tuned as we read this short devotion before bed.

Well that is it folks, it is a pleasure worshipping with you tonight. I invite you to join us during family devotion, get some shut eye and join us the next morning.

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