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Family: The tie that binds for good

For good or perhaps better stated, family is a tie that binds for better or worse. Additionally, unlike a marriage covenant, family is together forever. It is in the blood.

Matriarch Essie Nail Davis
Assorted family photos
Matriarch Agnes Hall
Hall Family Portrait

It is actually quite exhilarating to realize that we do not have to walk life’s paths alone. God is available to us but fortunately in my experience, so is family. In times of stress, trouble, lack, decision making, it is so good to be able to pick up the phone or go on a short drive for support.

People often say that talk is cheap but it can be a most valuable commodity when needed. In my personal family there is sadness right now but we know that sunshine will again break forth. With us as with many families over the U. S. our recent Hall Family Reunion was a testament to blood ties.

It will gradual but certainly becoming more and more apparent that family is the tie that binds-forever. This is a universal truth. Although our thoughts might be filled with torment, we can annihilate those by thinking good thoughts, thoughts of hope, thoughts of family.

To God be the glory for being available to us as we are available to each other-family. And, to those who recently passed on, a salute to you: Agnes “Tweet” Ingram, James Hall Sr., Montressor Johnson, Nora Jean Huguley, Wilfort (Madea) Hall.

Prayer: Lord, teach us that although there is both bitter and sweet in life, You are our hope in times of trouble and our sunshine when times are good.

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