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Family summer travel, what to pack

What to pack for a family vacation? Thermos Filtration Bottle
What to pack for a family vacation? Thermos Filtration Bottle

As the kids finish the school year, the anticipation grows for the family summer vacation. Whether your family is planning an escape to an exotic locale or a quick local jaunt, packing for the trip can cause frustration. The question of what to pack and what can be left behind can cause families to become frazzled.

Here are a few ideas for must have items to pack on your family vacation.

Thermos Water Filtration Bottle

Bottled water can be expensive, but filtered water that tastes good is important. The Thermos Water Filtration Bottle is the inexpensive way to have filtered water everywhere you go. This bottle features an innovative gravity-fed filtration method that is certified to meet strict standards for reducing contaminants such as aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, atrazine and particulate class V, as well as bad tastes and odor from water. The Thermos bottles retail around $24.99 at Target.

SCOTTVEST Travel Clothing:

Whether it is going to a security check point or exploring a city, families have a lot of items to carry. The SCOTTVEST is an ingenious solution to the common problem of carrying life's many gadgets. The philosophy is simple: keep the gadgets, lose the clutter. SCOTTVEST is a line of clothing that makes carrying life's many gadgets simple. The key to these items are the many internal pockets. The design is streamlined to carry the many devices without creating obvious bulges. From a chic vest to a heftier jacket, SCOTTVEST has the family covered for any travel situation.

Ziploc Bags:

Families know how these bags are important for TSA screening, but there are many other uses too. From keeping items dry (think of your smart phone at an amusement park water ride) to keeping messy clothes away from clean ones, these bags have a multitude of uses. Use one bag to hold a bunch of them. It is a simple item with a variety of uses.

Smartphone or tablet

Long gone are the days of carrying guide books, paper maps and games. Bring a smartphone or tablet for informative uses and diversions. From travel apps to movies, these devices have become a part of our every day lives. Just don't forget the charger.

Compressible Day Pack

From that must have souvenir to a carry all for the day at the park, a compressible day pack can be useful. Whether your family prefers a backpack style or a duffel bag, the ability to compress into a small bag is useful when starting out the vacation. Just try to keep the souvenir shopping in check.

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