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Family safe alternatives to trick or treating

An example of a Chick Tract
An example of a Chick Tract

Halloween is a little more than a week away, and the excitement is building amongst children and their families all over the city. However for Christians, Halloween is a bit of a touchy subject.  It's not secret that the holiday has a dark history filled with pretty much everything a Christian tries to keep away from. 

When the holiday approaches, a Christian family has one of two choices to make.  Either they can completely stay away from all Halloween traditions and everything remotely close to them (much like my childhood) or find a family safe alternative that is also clean of all the spiritual garbage that comes attached to the holiday.  Today I'm going to give you a few ideas that should offer a good time for you and your family.

Trunk or Treat
The idea behind Trunk or Treat is fairly simple.  Grab a few parents together with their vehicles and find an open area such as a parking lot or closed off neighboorhood, and dress up your children in their favorite non-scary or non-demonic costume.  Decorate your trunks in a manner that celebrates the new fall season and all the themes that come with it.  Of course include snacks and candy and such to hand out to the children.  Once that's done, have the children travel around from trunk to trunk with open bags and wide grins!
You can even change up a few things by having parents dress up as well and give each passing child a little history or bible story.  With very little work, you can turn a holiday usually has such dark and negative connotations into an evening that's filled with fun and education.

Tract or Treat
If you don't have the resources to pull off a full blown Trunk or Treat bonanza, you can try an alternative with your children that will give them a chance to experience the trick or treat tradition while at the same time help them learn how to spread the Gospel.  If you haven't heard of a tract, it's basically a small pamphlet that contains clever and creative ways to tell other people about Jesus.  You can usually find some at a local Christian bookstore, or if you want, order them in bulk from the fellowshiptractor Chick Tracts and have them delivered to you.  After you've got your supply of tracts, dress your child up as their favorite bible character and chaperone them as they go through the neighborhood in the typical trick or treat manner.  The twist is, when the person behind the door hands them a treat, your child hands them a tract in return.  Most tracts have a space on the back for you to put your churches information, so if the person makes a decision to follow Jesus, they will have someone to get in contact with.  You could also just as well put your information there as well.

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  • Amber Wheaton 5 years ago

    This is a very fun and creative way to celebrate Halloween with out taking it to the demonic side of the holiday. It is good to know that not all Christians see it as a completely demonic day. you have shown that even a Christian can have fun on this day. Thank you Mr. Esparsa.

  • lol 5 years ago

    handing out chick tracts is a dumb idea. do you give tracts to your family members on christmas too? it was originally a pagan holiday. moron