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Family road trip: Jelly Belly warehouse tour

Jelly Belly warehouse tour
Jelly Belly warehouse tour
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Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, just a six hour road trip from Cincinnati, Ohio, is home to a fun and delicious destination perfect for a road trip the entire family will enjoy. The World Famous Jelly Belly gourmet jelly bean company opens it's warehouse to allow visitors a behind the scenes look into the operations of this candy manufacturing giant.

The tour starts in the Jelly Belly Junction as you board the Jelly Belly express train. Through out the tour, large video screens detail the over 100 year history of the company's candy making. You will see how the Jelly Bellys, and other candy creations, are made and distributed. The tour ends with a ride through the Candy Alley where six foot giant jelly beans float over head.

Perhaps the best part of the visit happens after the tour. Over 100 candies, that Jelly Belly makes, can be sampled in the retail store. You can even try a Jelly Belly bean recipe, which will take your jelly bean experience to a whole new level. Just pop into your mouth a top banana, chocolate pudding, crushed pineapple, strawberry jam, very cherry, and French vanilla flavored bean and, all of a sudden, you are enjoying a Jelly Belly Banana Split.

When you combine a fun and interesting tour with some of the best candy in the world, you instantly have a great road trip. The Jelly Belly warehouse, in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, is a destination the entire family will enjoy.

Additional info: Location - 101000 Jelly Belly Ln. Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158. Hours - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. Phone - (866) 868-7522